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Over the years  I have taught  classes in the field of Adoption. Moreover, every attorney that has called me for help (regarding an adoption problem they were working on) has been helped. The vast majority of the time for free (I believe solving a straight forward problem with a few words is more important than making money off of it. Of course, if solving the problem takes a fair amount of my time, I do charge for it.)

I have been honored to present my thoughts to the "Life Care Project" (a statewide conference of "Caring to Love Ministries"-- a crisis pregnancy management service). I have also been consulted by the ministry on several occasions. I have received a commendation from the Ministry for my service.

I work in close cooperation with several of the "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" throughout the State of Louisiana.

I have clients from all over the country (and the world) hoping to add to their family thru adoption. I work with many adoption professionals around the country. We network together to find the best match for you and your child.

Not only have I handled adoptions for my own potential Adoptive Parent clients but I have been hired by other attorneys to assist their clients with unique or complicated issues that have arisen in their adoption process. I have also been hired by a number of Adoption Agencies over the years to assist with their adoptions.

I have been involved in approximately 1,000+ successful adoptions.

I have handled adoptions in at least 12 different parishes in the State of Louisiana.

I have worked with either Adopting Parents or Birth Mothers from at least 10 different States (and several different Countries).

I have worked in close conjunction with (and been consulted by) the District Attorney  for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, State of Louisiana, and the FBI regarding various legal aspects of adoption.

I have been qualified as an expert witness in the general field of adoption law and practice in the 19th Judicial District Court for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, State of Louisiana.

I can help with most all of your domestic or international adoption needs.