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Almost every adult needs a will....

If you don't have a will, the State of Louisiana will determine who gets whatever you owned at death. You may think that you can just tell family and friends who you want to get what. But it may not work out that way. 

Moreover, there might be tax consequences that can easily be addressed (and maybe reduced, postponed, or eliminated) by the use of a carefully prepared will.

If you have children there are additional considerations. Such things as forced heirship (a concept very unique to Louisiana), who will care for the children (example: what happens if both parents die together in something like a traffic accident), etc. can be addressed in a will.  An experienced lawyer can help you work through these issues in advance.

IF you have a very simple estate and you just want to make sure that your possessions go to the right people, your will doesn't need to be expensive at all. You MIGHT not even need one (a lawyer can tell you this).

If you have anything besides the simplest of estates, a will can be worth every penny you pay for it. 

If you are having doubts about what is best, a consultation to help determine the best course of action is probably worth it.