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I understand how scary considering adopting can be. By now you have probably gotten pretty disheartened and frustrated. You may have tried all manner of medical procedures with no success. You may have lost a child during pregnancy. You look around and you see everyone having babies and you think to yourself “Why me????”

I understand that by the time you start looking at the possibility of adoption you are probably already broken. I understand that there are many avenues you  can pursue in order to adopt. There are a LOT of good adoption attorneys and agencies out there. You will find that each has his/her/its own style.

How do you choose? I wish I could tell you I had that answer. Here are a few thoughts. Find someone who has been doing this for a while (There are A LOT of pitfalls  and technical traps in the adoption process. By working with someone who has worked at this for a while, you minimize the possibility of falling into these pitfalls and technical traps. No need re inventing the wheel). Talk to them. See if their style works for you. For instance, I am not everyone’s cup of tea (but no agency or attorney is). Ask them anything you need to. If they are offended by that, maybe they don’t understand the immense pain you are already in as you search for a way to create or add to your family…………

Guess what, since I have been doing this for a VERY LONG time, I have a few people that don't like me and the internet is a very easy avenue to express your feelings. KNOW THIS. I have been doing this for over 33 years and have been involved in at least 1,000 successful adoptions. If you wander around the internet you will find a small handful of people who find a reason to want to blame someone else for the fact that an adoption did not work (not every adoption does. NO adoption professional can claim a perfect success rate ( unless they are brand new and did one adoption and it worked :) ). If a plumber has been in business for 33 years, will everyone who has ever used him be happy?  To handle the difficulties of an adoption, you will need to be able to trust those you have hired. That doesn't mean the adoption will work (a birth mother has an absolute right to change her mind at any point before she signs paperwork giving up her rights).

Whether you choose to talk to me and/or hire me, please know that I wish you the very best in your search to create or add to your family.