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A LOT more to come soon but for now:

Go to my contact page and call me. I will do everything possible to help as much as I can! I promise.

Most people considering placing a baby for adoption are very scared. Please know that I understand this. You may feel lost and confused. You may feel that you are not only at the end of your rope, but have fallen off and are scared beyond belief. I CAN help. I just ask that you are honest with me about your feelings. 


There is nothing you tell me that will scare me off. I truly want to help if I can. I just ask that you consider this: There are real people on the other side that will put their hopes and dreams in your hands. Please consider that before you commit to adoption. Still, you can call me and talk even if you aren't sure. I will explain what I can do to help you.   NO PRESSURE. Louisiana law is actually very enlightened. Adoption professionals recognized by Louisiana law are given a lot of latitude to craft a way to solve whatever problem you might find yourself in. Some states say a potential adopting couple can't do anything at all financially to help you.  If you had the ability to care for yourself and your child you wouldn't be considering adoption. What do those states expect..... do they want you to live under a bridge out in the cold until you have your baby?  In a perfect world, money shouldn't enter into the equation but this is a fallen world. Generally, people won't give you lodging and food for free, nor should they feel obligated to do so.

KNOW this.... I have clients and contacts throughout the country and in many places in the world that are looking to adopt. I won't put up a bunch of profiles.  I have lots of clients looking to adopt and I have learned over 30+ years that everyone's profile really looks the same....... They all show their beautiful home. They all show beautiful pictures of their family. They all say how secure and happy they are. They all show themselves on wonderful vacations. They all talk about the fact that they will include your wonderful baby in all of that. And guess what.... MOSTLY, THEY ARE ALL TRUE.  Most of the clients that hire me feel this way. MOST of the people that hire other attorneys or adoption agencies feel that way. How can you be expected to make such a life long and hard decision based on 10 or so pages of a profile when they all say exactly the same thing? 

I will talk to you and work with you to find the right match. With my professional contacts all over the county you won't be limited to just my clients that have hired me. I will work with my professional contacts all around the country and the world to find the right home for your child.. IF you think adoption is something you want to explore, I will do all that I can to help you find a secure and loving home for your baby.

​You have LOTS of options. I hope you feel comfortable enough to call me. I will NOT help you more than the law allows, but I WILL help you to the extent the law allows. I will always be honest with you. If that is good enough for you, call me!