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Coming Soon but for now:

​In Louisiana, if a written property agreement is not entered into before marriage (and such an agreement is subject to very stringent legal requirements), a married couple is presumed to enter into a "community property" agreement. Not only that but the increase in value of assets you owned before marriage might be considered to be half owned by your spouse. All of this is very technical. If you have questions about this, it is best to talk to a lawyer .

For now, know that this not only is part of a divorce..... Sometimes a married couple may want to enter into an agreement dividing their property. They might want to do this for tax reasons. They may want to do this for liability reasons. Frankly, there are a number of reasons why a division of property (or a separation of property) agreement during marriage might be appropriate.

​These options can also be considered before marriage (and addressed in a "pre nuptial agreement."

​If you have concerns about the nature of your property agreement or the possible effects it might have on your spouse or your family, call me. We can talk.