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If you are looking at this right now, I am so sorry you have so much pain in your life. It WILL get better.

If you have children, you are so very worried about them. They are stronger than us. Usually they get through this stuff better than us. Look at my Custody page.

I know you are either mad as heck or sad as can be right now.  You are thinking "How did it EVER get to this. I am looking at websites to find an attorney to help me end my marriage."

The world is less than perfect and sometimes bad things happen. do the best you can to fix your marriage.  If you feel you have gone well past that, call me.. The first thing I do is to try to give you a clinical sense of perspective. Still, I know that sometimes  divorce is necessary. If it is, I can be as decent and non confrontational  as possible OR as aggressive, within the bounds of the law, as necessary.

If you are at a point in your life where you are considering divorce, call me.