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Regarding Family Law, I believe with all of my heart that FAMILY is the beginning, end, and heart of society.

I believe that FAMILY, not SOCIETY,  is the basic building block of community and government. Families need to care for themselves. We can't expect, nor should we expect, others to care for us. It is NOT the responsibility or right of others to care for MY family or YOUR family. It is MY responsibility. It is YOUR responsibility.

Still the world is far from perfect. 

If your hopes and dreams for "family" are coming up against the cold cruel wall of reality, know that you can call me. I will try my best to help you put the pieces of your life back together. It may seem that the world has come to an end for you right now, but I CAN help you pick the pieces up and move on....... Life hasn't come to an end, it has just turned the page.

Family Law