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The law regarding Custody has been been rapidly evolving in the State of Louisiana over the past several years.

The law has always set forth the concept that "the best interest of the child" always comes first. Still, the legislature and lawyers have struggled to find the best way to actually implement that concept. 

This has resulted in a lot of litigation that has not really served the best interest of the child(ren). 

However, over the years, a lot of changes in the law have been made providing more ways to address custody. I think a lot of these changes have provided lawyers the opportunity to be more creative in helping create custody plans. In my own experience, I have found that this has helped reduce the amount of actual fighting (litigation) between parents. In so doing, I think we are closer than we have ever been at putting the concept of "the best interest of the child"  first.

Still, sometimes, litigation of these issues is necessary. No one should like this but sometimes it can't be avoided. I will try my best to help create a solution though careful counsel. If an amicable resolution can't be accomplished, I will fight for your child's best interests.